Released: Fun with Ragdolls: The Game v2.0!

Released: Fun with Ragdolls: The Game v2.0!

I've been working on 2.0 for too freaking long. But hey, it's here now! Here are some of the noteworthy features!

World Sharing

That's right! You can upload and download worlds from within the game! Special thanks to for this to become a reality! Did I mention it's also cross-platform? No? Well, it's cross-platform! This means mobile and Steam players can upload and download worlds created from either platform!

Destructible Chain Reactions

Ever wanted to see a structure you create collapse without floating blocks getting left behind! Destructible Chain Reactions (an option available in World Settings) allows neighbouring destructible items to set each other off!

Oh! I almost forgot! You can choose whether or not destroyed items disappear over time! This is disabled by default to save performance, but if you'd like to keep the leftover destruction, you can change this setting inside World Settings.

World Settings

You can now adjust the settings of each world you create! Want to make your player's speed fast in one world and slow in another? Go for it! World Settings are saved for each world! This way, if you adjust your world's settings for a specific player experienced, it will be the same with others who download it.


You can now change the skybox of your worlds to better set the tone of your creation!

Item Properties

In 1.0 items were provided to you as "variants". Essentially that meant every item has preset settings you couldn't change. Now with 2.0, every item in the game has properties you can adjust! You can also adjust the scale of any item in the game! This addition of properties makes it great for creators!


It's... It's crouching. What else did you expect?

Bye Bye Progression System

No more point system. It limits creativity for a game all about mindlessly throwing ragdolls around. You now get everything upfront so you can get to the fun part... Having fun with ragdolls! (I'm sorry, I had to say it.)

Optimizations & Ragdoll Performance

The game was entirely rewritten with performance and longevity in mind! This means you can add many more items & ragdolls than you could before! The AI also saw an improvement with more pleasing collisions between Attacker and Defender Ragdolls

Checkpoint Flag, Victory Flag, and Flags with Filters

You can now use flags to set goals for ragdolls of a specific color! You can also set a checkpoint Flag and victory Flag for the player, which are great for mini-games!

Advanced Stats

See more details about how many items are in your world!

Real-time Loading

While a hard ban on "loading" in general isn't possible since not everyone has a quantum computer yet, we're stuck with loading for now. That said, there are cooler ways to go about it. In this update, I figured loading screens were pretty boring, so I yeeted those things out of existence and replaced them with real-time loading! This is fancy marketing talk for watching the world load in front of you!

New Free Cam & Cinematic Camera

You can now build and explore using the new free camera, or create epic cinematic visuals using the Cinematic Camera Generator! With a single click of a button, the game will generate a new cinematic angle with automated dolly movements and focal lengths. It also attempts to ensure the player is always visible with each shot it generates!

And Much More (Really)

Here's the complete list of major changes with some bug fixes and improvements omitted.

Build Mode Features

  • Adjust the size of any item
  • Each item now has properties you can adjust
  • Set the color of any item
  • Vertical rotation
  • Axis/Plane locking for building straight lines

Player Features

  • Crouching
  • Adjustable run speed
  • Free Camera (Usable during Build Mode)
  • Cinematic Camera Generator (Used to make the trailer)
  • Flashlight

Ragdoll Features

  • New Seeker Ragdoll (Essentially plays hide & seek)
  • New Voice lines
  • New Skins & Skin Selector

New Items & Item Features

  • Telepad (For teleporting yourself & other Ragdolls)
  • Jump Pad
  • Chair
  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Missiles
  • Door
  • Laser Box
  • Destructible chain reactions (Breaks neighboring destructible objects)

Note: World Incompatibility

This is pretty important for those who build worlds in 1.4.1 and earlier. Those world files will not be natively compatible with 2.0 moving forward. But why is that exactly?

During development, everything was rewritten, this includes the way world data is managed. This allowed for nearly all the new features you’ve seen in the announcement video. This couldn’t have been achieved with the old file structure.

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for your support during this time of development, especially to my family & friends! Even if you've simply just watched a trailer and nothing more, thank you for taking the time to do so!

I really hope you all enjoy the game and have endless amounts of fun within it!